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E7470 6200U 16G + DW1560 DSDT & SSDT & config help


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Recently I've got one E7470 and found it's capable to run high Sierra, then I gave it try. After quite a few hours attempt as according the guide and bootpack (both packs, only HS works, alternative not) below, what I can achieve is to complete the installation. However after a few successful boot, system won't boot up at all. As researched, it seems only the native mod DSDT & SSDT work best with the system. Then I learnt how to do the patch from a few webpages.

is the main site, and I applied the patches mentioned to my DSDT.

During the DSDT & SSDT complie, the Syntax error got me again. DSDT and SSDT-1-sensrhub are the only two having errors.

I haven't got enough programming knowledge to understand the structure. I appreciate your help.


I attached my Clover F4 and preboot.log within the EFI pack. 





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Thanks Jake,

I wasn't expect that quick help from the community.

Just Mic from the 3.5 jack doesn't present. I think I will give VoodooHDA a try. Everything else works from the laptop ports. 

Currently I'm struggling with Dual DP output and usb 2.0/3.0 from the dock.
Two DP ports are outputting the same, High Sierra only recognizes as one monitor. HDMI port can help to gain the 3rd desktop.
Is the dual DP config disabling the HDMI streaming?
Could you help me once again. I attached the IORegistry of the setup.
Thanks a lot.


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Some info. to the docking user.

Docking: PR02X 

two DP: both are working, but with the same desktop, High sierra finds only one monitor

VGA: not showing anything, black screen

Ethernet: working

esata: not working

USB: working via USBInjectAll.kext

3.5 jack: only mic doesn't work, VoodooHDA works with both jack

PS2: only keyboard tested and working

Power: charging is ok

Serial port: ports present in the network, not tested

Other ports not tested


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Your SKL layout 191b0000 (inside AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer.kext) probably requires patching to support all the video outputs you desire:

00001B19 00000000 E1810800 00000000     // layout 0x191b0000
01030303 00002002 00005001 00000060     // 3 x display ports
6C050000 6C050000 00000000 00000000
00000800 02000000 98000000              // port #0, [email protected], LVDS
01050900 00040000 87010000              // port #5, [email protected], DP
02040A00 00040000 87010000              // port #6, [email protected], DP
FF000000 01000000 20000000 0F110000

i.e. this layout defines 3 x output ports

  1. connector 0000, type 0200 0000 -> LVDS
  2. connector 0105, type 0004 0000 -> DP
  3. connector 0204, type 0004 0000 -> DP


You need to identify through IOReg what port/connector each of those DP ports attach to, knowing that the layout may not support/include the necessary connector. Indeed, as detailed here, there's another potential connector 0306 (port #7, [email protected]).


So, using apps such as IORegistryExplorer, 1st check things in IOReg under your iGPU device located @2, it should show several framebuffer @0, @1, @2. [email protected] will be your built-in LCD and your DP ports should register under one of the other FBs. You should see things similar to what I posted here.


If you only see a DP screen under [email protected] and not under [email protected], then you may have to patch that specific port to connector 0306. You may save your IOReg output, zip it and post it for us to look at it.

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Hi Hervé

Could you guide me how to patch port connector 0306?


Here is my current config after patch

AppleIntelFramebuffer @ 0 (display in LVDS display this)

port-number: 0x0

type type: 02 00 00 00

AppleIntelFramebuffer @ 1

port number: 0x5

connection type : 00040000

AppleIntelFramebuffer @ 2

port number: 0x6

type connection : 00040000


from the Colver KextsToPatcch:

name: com.apple.driver.AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer

Find:  0105 0900 0008 0000 Replace: 0105 1200 0004 0000


I also enabled the con2 type in config.plist, but non-working. 


20181126 IORegistry.zip

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