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Final Dell Precision M6800 & M4800 Fully Working High Sierra or Mojave


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Hello everyone 

Thank you very much for your wonderful and useful forum 

I want share with you after long search and fixes my final EFI Partition for Dell Precision WS M6800 & M4800 and will work 99 % on any similar Model 


All files , Kexts , ACPI , Guide are all included in zip file linked below 


This my final EFI with alots of fixes and tweaks works for both High Sierra and Mojave only you will need Nvidia web drivers and Cuda to get fully working machine for graphic designing , video editing  and 3D ...

- Fully working everything , audio , Bluetooth, Brightness slider , card reader , mSata , ethernet , Wifi , Camera ,all  USB 3 Ports and many more you will explore it yourself ......
- Bios Reset issue fixed
- Optimus Graphic enabled
- Use Intel HD only or Intel HD + Nvidia (if you want Nvidia only then disable

Optimus in bios)

- External Monitor use Nvidia 

- No black Screen when external monitor is connected 
- What is missing and doesn't work !!!!
You will tell me 
- all fixes files and instructions are included



UPDATED 30 JUN 2019 



- Alots of Tweaks has been added to ACPI , config.plist and IntelFrameBuffer 

- USB 3 all ports fixed natively 

- KEXTS has been updated 

-Clover bootloader has been updated 

- Fans has been adapted by ACPIPoller.kexts and SSDT for more cooling and less noise 

- CPU and RAM Tweaks 

- No more Kernel Panic with release or  security update 

- Clean DSDT , SSDT , plist 

- Alots of work, search and tests to get this result with this Laptop 

- Ready for Catalina ( wait for the official release and Hacks developers final fixes to be ready )


All Updated Files are here ( 50 MB) ; 




Thank You



30 Nov 2018 Fix OLD .zip


 If you need any help or have any questions or issue please let me know in the Support section of the forum and I will reply as soon as possible 



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30-06-2019 Update 


Attached Files in First Post ( Google Drive Link 50 MB )


This instructions is for Dell Precision m6800 (and similar Dell Precision Models - Experimental)


Before you start Please note that : I am using Dell Precision m6800 with these SPEC :


Intel I7 4900MQ 2.8 Mhz - Intel HD Haswell 4600


Nvidia Quadro K3100M 4GB

Samsung EVO 250 GB

Dell DW 1560 WiFi and BT Adapter

BIOS A25 ( Latest 30 Oct 2018 )


This Process has been successfully tested with High Sierra and Mojave 10.14.5 

Both IGPU and DGPU are Working Together Correctly like a Desktop 

No Bios reset issue when reboot , Works with Dual Boot ( Win + OSX ) 


             ******* Step By Step ********


1- Reset BIOS to its default and Update it to A25


2- Modify BIOS setting ( Press F12 to see Options ) 

* Advanced Boot Options = Enable Legacy

* Integrated NIC = Enable

* Parallel Ports = AT

* Serial Ports = Disabled ( If you are using Dock station then Enable it - Expermental )

* Sata Operation = AHCI

* Drivers = Check all

* Switchable Graphics = Enable Switchable Graphics

* Secure Boot = Disabled

* Virtualization = Disable


3- Create your OSX Installation USB ( Search How , its not my Topic )

* Then I recommend to install Clover bootloader to create EFI Folder on your USB (UEFI Method)


4- Once you create OSX Installation USB ; mount USB EFI PARTITION and DELETE EFI Folder


5- Decompress my attached files


6- On my attched files ; Find ( install Folder ) Copy EFI Folder and Paste it in your USB EFI PARTITION ( instead of deleted one in step 4)


7- Now you are ready to Install OSX for Dell Precision M6800

* Power On your PC

* Press F12 to see Options

* Select BOOT from ( your USB )

* Start Installation Process ( it will reboot several time during installation so press F12 each time to boot from your USB ) - search Youtube videos to see the installation process 


8- Once installation done and you reach your OSX desktop 

*Copy my attached files to your Desktop and Eject USB 

* Mount your OSX Drive EFI PARTITION and delete ( EFI Folder if existed )

* On my attached files Find ( Boot Disk EFI ); copy EFI Folder and Paste it in your Drive EFI PARTITION instead of deleted one "same as step 6"


9- Now the last step ( very Important )

- on my attached files Find (L/E Folder)

- use any method or tool to install ALL KEXTS to Library/Extensions

- Rebuild kextcache and repair permissions

- I recommend using Hackintool by @headkaze to install kexts and rebuild kextcache 


10- Reboot your PC and check everything is working correctly ( Audio , Bluetooth , WiFi , Internet , USB 3 , Trim ... )

IF you are using Mojave ; No Cuda drivers available till now but Nvidia GPU works with 4k External Monitor via DP Fully Accelerated Qi-Ci ,

also you can Disable Bios graphics Optimus to disable Intel HD GPU and use only Nvidia GPU

- The same thing with High Sierra except that Nvidia Web Drivers are available and Cuda are ready


- I use this PC all time with 4k external monitor while laptop led screen is closen using external mouse and Keyboard for Graphic design and video editing; H264 with hardware acceleration is working but no H265 hardware acceleration I think due to Haswell limitation 


- also I've found useful app to disable CPU turbo boost . I use it sometimes to reduce CPU temp ( search google )


Note : in case you have booting troubles ; Try to change SMBIOS in config.plist to diffrent model as MacbookPro 10.1, MacBookPro 11.2, MacBookPro 13.1 

also you can try iMac 14.2 ( works nicely with me I don't know why )


Little Tweak for CPU and RAM :


go to CPU section in config.plist using clover configurator and add values to this sections according to your CPU frequency (Be careful)

For example:

- Add 2800 to "frequency mhz" if your CPU base is 2.8 mhz

( 2700 if 2.7 and 2100 if 2.1 , ...)

- Add 99790 to "Bus speed khz" 

- Add 47 to "TDP"  ( Look intel CPU spec page for your model to know more info about your CPU and TDP value for your CPU ) 

For example in my case 



GPU Power Management: 


Delete my dAGPM.kext from clover/Kexts/Others and make your own Kext according to your SMBios ID to get the correct power management 

There is a tool developed by @pavo to generate your Kext and another method by @toleda 

search forum and google to know more about that


Disable Nvidia GPU: 


If you want to disable dGPU and use only Intel HD 4600  drop SSDT-4600.aml to clover/ACPI/Patched .

But in this case no external monitor will be working only internal 


Disable Intel HD GPU


If you like to use only Nvidia GPU so disable Optimus Graphics in Bios and you can use internal and external monitor


USB 3 Ports Fixes :


Please Modify The Info.Plist inside USBPorts.Kext to Match Your SMBIOS

Find and change this text  (iMac 14.2) change to (Your Model) every where in plist 

For Example (iMac 14.2) To (MacBookPro 11.2)

Now All Your USB 3 Ports And Camera Will Work Correctly



Have Fun


30 Jun 2019



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