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[SOLVED] E7270 Mojave Kernel Panic Update from HS 10.13.6


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I have the E7270 running 10.13.6 install was good, downloaded the 10.14.1 update and updated with bootpack with the most current version then proceeded to run the Mojave installer. This results in a kernel panic. The Bios are set with Legacy Options enabled and everything was working OK in HS 10.13.6. 


Dell Bios are 1.19.4

i5 processor with intel chip

Touchscreen model


I have attached the CLOVER file and posted a screenshot of when it panics and halts. 






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Legacy Options ROMs should be disabled.

Install latest Clover with the following:

Install for UEFI booting only

Install Clover in the ESP








Remove OsxAptioFix2Drv-64.efi and APFS.efi

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Got it working but with some issues, still missing:


HDMI and mini DP output not working

Freezes up when plugging into AC adapter

No hardware acceleration on the intel 520 card

The boot packs that were pre-made on here cause a kernel panic on my system I was only able to install with unifail.


I have attached my CLOVER folder from the setup that boots into the OS but has the above issues. Any help on this would be awesome!


System is up and running 10.14.1 if that makes a difference


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We don't support unifail stuff here. Please read the Forum user agreement


Replace bootpack from here, goes into /EFI//Clover replace the files


You'lll need to add HFSPlus.efi to drivers64UEFI if it doesn't detect your drive

If you encounter KP during boot, then boot with FakeID 0x12345678. Once booted, rebuild cache

Reboot normally. 


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Yes it does work without fakeID after reboot, only thing that seems to be not working is facetime and messages app, what needs to be done to get these working? I assume its something with the serial number or system identifier since it fails to login at all on messages but does login to icloud and app store

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