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E5250 with Docking Station PR03X


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What's the system's specs?

This model comes in 4th and 5th CPU.

Your Config includes both Skylake and Broadwell graphics injection...I guess you're using my Skylake bootpack and made some changes for Broadwell.

Will it boot with one monitor and then plug in the second?

What connections are the monitors connecting to?

DP or VGA or DVI?

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My CPU is 5200U. ViewSonic connect to DP port and Dell Monitor connect to DVI port of PR03X.

I just tested with two monitor connected, lid was closed, when I tried to boot, I got the that screen information, in this situation, if I press some keys on keyboard, I can hear some keypress sound from speaker, after I open lid, system completely stopped, no display on both monitors and laptop display.

If I open the lid and turn on the computer, no display on both monitors connected to PR03X.

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I docked my laptop to PR03X:

1. Connect to DP (with DVI convertor) to ViewSonic.

2. Connect to DVI to Dell Monitor.

Got the same result as both monitors connected, system can not boot.

3. Without both monitor, system boot up.

Then I run IORegisterExplorer and take three screenshots

1. No monitor connected.

2. Connect to DP.

3. Connect to DP and DVI.

Please help me to check it.

Thank you.




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What you need to do is identify which framebuffer port relates to each docking station physical display output (DP, DVI, etc.). I expect that you'll then need to patch your specific BDW framebuffer layout, at least for DVI, in a similar fashion as I detailed for HD4600 in the R&D->Graphics forum subsection.

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I am new to this IORestryExplorer, I'll try it.

I learned something from https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/10305-e5470docking-stationport-replicator-pr03x/?tab=comments#comment-76468

I found @1 port 5 is 08 HDMI, @2 port 6 is 04, DP port, when I connect each monitor individually, some information change on @2 port 6, no changes on @1 port 5. Also, I checked AppleIntelBDWFrameBuffer file via vi in hex mode for layout 0x16260006, I found port 5 and 6 are both 04, means it's DP port.

16260006 is for HD 6000? But mine is HD5500, whether I need to change my ig-platform to 0x16160002 (HD5500, 1.5G VRAM) and patch layout 16160002?

Also, I found someone says I need to patch it through Whateverygreen? I am confused, keep trying.

Than you for your tips. Still working on it.

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If you look at layout 0x16160002 in the BDW framebuffer kext, you'll see something like:

02001616 01030303 00002002 00005001
00000060 6C050000 6C050000 00000000
00000000 00000000 00000800 02000000
30020000 01050900 00040000 07050000
02040A00 00040000 07050000 FF000000
01000000 40000000 024B0000 05050600
02000000 04000000 80DF1710 00000000
78050000 D2050000 40060000 00000000
00000000 C8000000

i.e. a layout that supports the following 3 x output ports:

00000800 02000000 30020000     // [email protected], port #0, LVDS (built-in LCD)
01050900 00040000 07050000     // [email protected], port #5, DP
02040A00 00040000 07050000     // [email protected], port #6, DP


If you want support for DVI output alongside DP output, you have to patch one of the above output ports for it. Since you already got DP out of port #6, you could expect the patch to be:

         \/\/       \/
Find:    01050900 00040000 07050000
Replace: 03060900 00020000 07050000
         /\/\       /\


Try that, knowing that you may have to experiment according to those principles I detailed in my guide for Haswell/4th gen graphics.


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