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Dell Precision T1650 with Mojave 10.14.2


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Just wanted to share that I was successful on installing Mojave 10.14.2 on a Precision T1650.


This system was shipped with an Intel i3-3220, I was not able to get the iGPU (HD2500) working correctly after installing macOS.

I just got a flickering screen with a mouse cursor shown, the only way to get some screen output was booting with "-x".

Therefore I decided to put my old Geforce GTX650Ti into the system to get at least some metal support.


Now the. system is working perfectly. :)


For everyone else, I attached my CLOVER folder. Feel free to use it for your own build. :) 


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Thanks. Just to be clear before I start.

1. make install USB stick (done)

2. Run Clover and install it

3. Replace the clover folder within EFI folder with the custom one

4. Done?


One question. Will I have to make a new serial number for my new "Mac"? 

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