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Problem with installing el capitan on e6420


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hi to everyone,

my Laptop Spec :



Screen Resolution :



i am installing el capitan by following this guide

i have done all steps ,
i am stuck at that steps ( Install Enoch r2795 (latest at time of writing) on the USB installer with all default settings )

i have download your Enoch r2795 pkg file when i try to install it on my usb it give me this error :  This package is incompaitable 



so i downloaded a chamelon file this website : http://forge.voodooprojects.org/p/chameleon/downloads/
which contains only folder . see here in image




but you say in your post that ( Copy the above Enoch r2795 installer package to the root of the USB installer )

so can you please tell me that how can i complete this process .





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1) When installing the enoch pkg, make sure you select customize so you could pick the USB drive, otherwise it'll install to the default drive which is your internal drive

2) the package you downloaded from voodoo projects is the source file as stated, you need to compile it. Get the pkg file here

3) the copied package to the root of the USB Installer is so you can install it to the installed drive later as part of post installation, you probably didn't get that far yet

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i have successfully install enoch latest version r2921 to my usb drive  , and also i have created a folder inside my USb installer > System > Library > Kernels .
now it say
Copy the appropriate El Capitan vanilla kernel to /System/Library/Kernels. Copies of the kernels are available here.

there are list of files vanila Kernel , Haswell Kernel and multiple versions of files , can you tell me which version of files i have to copy in Kernels folder .

and what will be the next steps after copying ....

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Since your system is SandyBridge, it's obvious that you will need the vanilla kernel. Then you'll need to determine what version of El Capitan you are installing, then download that version of kernel. 

What's the next step? follow the guide step by step

From the guide, your next step is

2) 10.11 installation


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If memory serves me right, that results from a cache issue; non-existant in all likelyhood. Make sure you've not forgotten to copy the Extra folder at the top of your USB Installer and boot with without cache with boot parameters/boot flags KernelBooter_kexts=Yes -f -v.


You can manually specify those at the Chameleon/Enoch prompt after pressing a key at the delay bar or F8 at the rotating character in top left corner.

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