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It's not my kext, it's Rehabman's VoodooPS2Controller for Synaptics touchpad. Check his GitHub for full functionality.

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Jake, Rehabman said this to me:


"I have no experience with ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kext and no plans to ever use it (as it is closed source in violation of the APSL).

VoodooPS2Controller.kext can be configured as you like (in SysPrefs or by overriding various Info.plist settings with ACPI). For ACPI overrides refer to *.dsl in the github repo for examples.

Note that VoodooPS2Controller.kext is not optimized for ELAN hardware. Full source is available if you would like to add better support for ELAN."


So im would get be a light to config this, or another kext (Smart for exemple), to be get buttons and trackpoint, bust im complete noob on this coders. 


Someone could be help me im very appreciated...thanks for all my friend!!! IM never forget your huge help!!!



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Hi @Jake Lo im have good News!!

Im can fix that issue!!!


Im fix that with change config.plist in VoodooPS2Controller.kext>Contents>Plugin>VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext>Contents>info.plist

Im changed:  
IOKitPersonalities>Synaptics TouchPad>Platform Profile>LENOVO>Thinkpad_ClickPad>ScrollResolution> 200 
IOKitPersonalities>Synaptics TouchPad>Platform Profile>LENOVO>Thinkpad_ClickPad>SmoothInput>NO

And the same think in: 
IOKitPersonalities>Synaptics TouchPad>Platform Profile>LENOVO>Thinkpad_TrackPad>ScrollResolution> 200
IOKitPersonalities>Synaptics TouchPad>Platform Profile>LENOVO>Thinkpad_TrackPad>SmoothInput>NO

Because im spend precious hours read about, but is very hard to get at this point...thanks again!!!


VoodooPS2Controller.kext MOD MAX WORKS SROLL.zip

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