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Lenovo ThinkPad E470: install macOS High Sierra/Mojave/Catalina


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Hi @Jake Lo you are the MAN!!!!! Im just said thanks a ton!!!!!

The gestures works like my MBA, return page with two fingers, etc...

Oh, boy, you have a great heart to help us!!! 

Im need uncheck some files for run in Kernel with OpencoreConfigurator , because cause conflicts. 


Here my Opencore EFI with modified serials. 


One more time, so many thanks!!!!! If shows up some issue im back to report!!!





Captura de Tela 2020-08-11 às 12.21.56.png

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All credits goes to 1Revenger1 and Leo-labs and other involved in the development of this kexts. Glad to know it supported your hardware too.

One more thing to add to make the Thinkpad even better is that app call Thinkpad Assistant. Makes all your Fn key work. Your keyboard is the same as the T480, so you might be able to use the files for E470.

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Hi @Max.1974 my knowledge of operating systems installation goes from linux to debian to windows, never install a hackintosh, my question is if it is compatible with the lenovo E470 because I don't want to lose my network connection because I use it for all this pc but if you tell me no I lose the network card, I am happy to learn from hackintosh if you need the number of my network card just ask me. I have another hard disk to test so I can use my sister's macbook, create the flash drive with the macbook and try the other hard disk. Greetings and thanks for your help Cocofexe says goodbye

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Hi @Cocofexe, yes, its usually compatible with macOS, but need follow steps to config your bios, and use the right EFI folder with bootloader, like Clover or Opencore. 


Im suggest you follow the tutorial posted on post #1 on p1.


But im need said that even the model name of equipment be the same "E470" exist many hardware differences that one country for another. 

So you need take a look in report first, and try install with EFI folder that you have. 

Im suggest you too look in internet for another forums like insanelymac or olarila.com 

Here exist many good tutorials to help you install and test it. 

Use if is possible another disk, and save your data. 

Its easy change disk hdd to ssd because will be more fast then usual. 


Best Regards. 


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