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Can't Boot to Installer E6440 dual graphics i7 using Jake Lo's Guide

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Hey guys,


So yesterday I followed Jake Lo's guide for High Sierra:




* i7-4610m Haswell

* incl. dual graphics intel hd4600* and variation of radeon hd 8600m  line on 1366x768<-- would like to disable radeon, only use intel



* reset bios, set ahci, EFI (booting EFI)*
* pulled ram stick slot B
* inserted usb via lone left usb port
* created HS clover boot installer EFI (notable deviation from guide: install option clover preference pane is greyed out)
* booted verbose --> won't boot to installer --> black wall of white text


Now, I suspect that I may have done something wrong prepping the USB, so here is a quick recap on following that guide:

* erased USB w/ Disk Utility and set to GUID mode

* created High Sierra installer via Mojave installation command line

* downloaded generic EFI folder, High Sierra Bootpack folder, HFS+ ktext

* merged HS bootpack folder with generic EFI folder and added HFS+ ktext

* installed up to date Clover

* mounted EFI partition via Clover Configurator

* merged generic EFI folder with EFI bootsector folder


So I'm stuck at the black screen with white wall of text: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSglDOFypRcs5Dj_tZZR3tet5qWoi-57N6TrxkDuiIJC_-WOw-XB3yKNlgFZh7uJOT2mX3bQBVtdtwg/pub


Any ideas?


You guys rock. Thank you so much for all that you've done.


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It's HD4600 graphics (4th gen Haswell Intel graphics), not HD4000 (3rd gen Ivy Bridge Intel graphics).


Are you attempting installation in BIOS legacy mode of UEFI mode?

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Everything is set up for UEFI, but per your question I double checked my bios and noted it was set to support legacy booting, so that's been disabled. Here is current stuck position:


If you'd like I can review all BIOS settings and rewrite the installation media before requesting further assistance. Thank you for your help.




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Sadly this did not solve the issue. It did make those sound errors go away. I still am stuck on:


kextd stall[0], (240s) 'iGPU'


Also tried creating a Mojave installer and same thing.

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I found this interesting post which suggests its cpu DSDT related:


//tonycrap link removed upon request from respected community member: future readers might search "[solved] Dell Inspiron 3250 CPU Swap, Kext Stall, Unsupported CPU Error", but be aware that site is taboo


I'll work on implementing their solution and post update.


--- and update... removing dsdt files didn't do anything for me, but I'm also a newb, so perhaps I don't know how to actually remove them properly.

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