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[SOLVED] Latitude 7480 : Headphone jack emits high pitch whine after 3rd resume from sleep

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I originally thought this was working well and got a surprise today when I put my headphones in and was subjected to a loud high pitch squeal/whine. Poking around a bit, it looks like this happens after the 3rd or so wake from sleep.


This is with the bootpack from https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11315-dell-lattitude-7480-mojave-install-need-help/?tab=comments#comment-88501 and the rtsx kext I've been looking at for the SD card reader.


I just wondered if others had experience this. I did notice the 7440 thread that talks about 'static', but am not certain if this is a similar issue. 


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It seems to be loaded :

  141    0 0xffffff7f81198000 0x9000     0x9000     org.tw.CodecCommander (2.7.1) 114866EA-9E10-3A75-8084-CEEE9D344D9F <96 13 12 5 3 1>

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