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Running OSXL have always been a mission we have been proud of - from the early days of D4x0 we could never have imagined that OSXL would grow to what it is today - a safe and nice place where hackintosh and macOS nerds can meet, have fun and play around.

But running OSXL also have costs.. hosting.. the forum software.. mail service.. dns .. it cost.. and it never gets cheaper - so faar donations usually covers less than 5% of our operating cost.

So.. what todo ?

OSXL have always been against showing commercial ads our site - mostly because it slows down the site and ruin the user experience - personally .. i hate a slow website.

So, we always explore new options (specially if its fun.. like the seedbox partnership)

Anyway, today Brave browser launched - brave browser is (besides being a really nice web browser) - is a browser that allows its users to earn $BAT (a crypto currency) and donate those earned Bat(s) to websites they visit.

We have enabled donations to the site - both automatic - but also by using the browsers build-in functionality.

Wanna test brave browser? .. head over to: https://brave.com/osx926

(Btw, brave gives us 5 USD for each download, so you having fun testing a new browser, is also helping us and by that yourself)


... and may this be a hint of more fun stuff with cryptocurrencies coming your way ;-)


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