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Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Preview 1


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1. I format 8 gig USB stick using GUID

2. right click on Install OS X Mountain Lion Preview 1.app -> Show Package Contents ->Contents -> SharedSupport and mount InstallESD.dmg

3. run Show All Files and mount BaseSystem.dmg

4. download xfail1.1 from tonycrapx86 and run it to copy files to USB

5. delete the Packages shortcut on USB stick in /System/Installation and copy real one from mounted Mac OS X Install ESD image

6. download this package: http://bit.ly/zPwxDS and copy the two kexts to /System/Library/Extensions on the USB stick

7. download EDP3 from SVN tree and run it with defaults for your model and copy the extra folder to USB

8. run the Chameleon 1820 from the link above to the USB stick and do custom SMBIOS and select a model like macbookpro6,1 or something similar

9. boot with USB stick and spacebar -v



-The USB stick would not boot up my newly installed Lion drive so I had to put it in another hackintosh PC and install Chameleon from there and copy the same Extra folder from the USB stick


-there's no sound and no video acceleration but the internet works great and so does the VGA at least!







EDP3 has been fixed to work with ML, so that has pretty much fixed everything except video acceleration, using 10.7.3 kexts for GMA950 native support, still no acceleration but got all resolutions now

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nope so far ML dp2 is running 64bit kernel only... and the intel GMA's kexts are 32bit. but it seems that they also removed VESA graphics mode. so at this point the GUI does not load at all. you get stuck in terminal right before the installer screen should load.... it does not look good... unless we get 64 bit graphics support and the elusive 10.6.2 supposed 64 kexts don't load either. but even if we get them to load then video hardware acceleration has to be worked out and that might require kernel patching . so looks grim for our 950/x3100 right now.... intel never made proper 64bit kexts, they just barely met the requirements for aero when windows 7 was released. now... nvidia d630/d830 might make the cut..... but of course we don't have one of those..... lol so if any developers that might have one want to chime in here, please feel free :) ..


PS.... 10.7.4 is also breaking our balls installs in case you get that itch to test it.... it won't be a pretty thing unless you have a backup of 10.7.3 :P

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Using the GMA950.kext from Snow Leopard you can get full graphics acceleration on a second display, just not the main display which shows up blank.


I have a D830 w/ nVidia that I could do tests on. Contact me if you need me to test stuff on mine for you.

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