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DW5816e / Sierra EM7430: Not detected

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I bought WWAN DW5816e aka Sierra Wireless EM7430 for my laptop Dell Latitude E7270.

After I install it and install the driver, the EM7430 can work well on Windows and Linux.

But, when I used on MacOS High Sierra, EM7430 can not detected.


I have tried to follow the methods written on this forum but still can't use the WWAN, because not detected.

Hope you can help me.

I include debug files my laptop below.


In the E/C/k/O folder there is Legacy_Sierra_QMI_10.13.kext that I use after I have successfully changed USBCOMP=8 using Ubuntu (USBCOMP=14 does not support for EM7430).




sudo ls -la /dev/cdc*
sudo dmesg | grep cdc


sudo apt-get install perl
sudo apt-get install libuuid-tiny-perl
sudo apt-get install libipc-shareable-perl
sudo apt-get install modem-manager-gui


sudo perl swi_setusbcomp.pl --device=/dev/cdc-wdm1 --usbcomp=8



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If the module is not detected, then you have a problem at USB level; you need to make sure all your ports, including the internal ones are fully enabled; you'll then see the module listed under the USB section of System Information (SysProfiler).


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Ok Hervé, I see. That's why I asked for help because my WWAN module wasn't detected in the USB section of System Information (SysProfiler).


I have done several ways, and one of them is using Legacy_Sierra_QMI_10.13.kext. But until now, the module has not been detected yet in the system. Please help.

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WWAN modules are USB-based. Until you get all your ports working, including the internal ones, nothing you could try to get the WWAN working will succeed. Once you see the module listed under SysProfiler->USB, you'll know it's detected and available for tuning. Consult the existing E7470 guides/threads/posts to get all your USB ports working.

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But there has been little progress. The WWAN menu on System Information -> Network -> WWAN has appeared WWAN Information after I have changed the kext in the Product ID and Vendor ID fields with the contents 0x81cc and 0x413c (Dell Inc.)


But until now it still can't work. Any idea?

ScreenShot2020-07-16at06_11_31.jpg   ScreenShot2020-07-16at06_11_41.jpg




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