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[SOLVED] ASUS R556L - Sleep only turns off the screen

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I'm running Mojave 10.14.6 on ASUS R556L laptop. I believe this is just a local model name for a bunch of laptops with X555L motherboard. I have managed to get most of the things working but I'm having problems with sleep.


When I press Sleep button, the only thing that actually goes to sleep is the screen. Everything else is still working (I'm able to play music using keyboard shortcuts). I am unable to turn the screen back on though.


Any help would be much appreciated, I have already tried numerous fixes but to no avail.


Edit: Forgot to mention I swapped the stock wifi card for the BCM94352HMB. 



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Hi.   1. Remove "IntelGraphicsFixup.kext" and replace it with "WhatverGreen.kext" (Download WEG) 2. Check your hibernate status by typing the following in terminal "pmset -g | grep hibe

Ok, perfect.   This confirms that the nVidia GeForce 920M is attached to RP05.PEGP (or RP05.GFX0 once device is renamed by Clover) located @1C,4. I also see that, in SysInfo->Software-&gt

Just add the SSDT back, it'll disable it as you had already confirmed a few posts back. Changing platform-id to 0x1626006 indeed should fix your graphics on wake as you now have set

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Thanks, it actually did make a difference :) After a while the fans stopped and it seems it went to sleep. I pressed a key to wake it, the fans started working again but the screen remained black, I had to force shutdown. 


It seems to me that the problem may be in the nvidia graphics card. I've been trying to disable it with SSDT patches but it's still present.

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