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E7470: Catalina Beta Installation Help


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I got the DW1830...


Two issues


Bluetooth does not seem to appear

WIFI seems to take 30 sec or min to appear


I am on Catalina Beta 5


The kext for broadcom are 

AirportBrmcmFixup 2.02

Brcmrepo 2.210

brcmfirmwaresttore 2.210

fakePCIIDBroadcom_WIFI 1.3.15


Are there more recent versions

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I put those new kext into the clover kext other folder.


I rebooted and get WIFI... better than before


AND bluetooth shows up BUT it does not seem to be able to connect to any device... my small portable speakers don't connect and I cannot connect my iPhone.


Are there further adjustments to make


I have rebuilt caches and rebooted several times...

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