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E7440 Clover and kext's update


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I'd like some help.
I have been using macOS on my Dell E7440 for a very long time, but so far I have not dealt with upgrading Clover Bootloader or kext's unless I really needed to.
Now, however, I would like to keep Clover and kext's up to date.
Can someone please write down to me what would be the easiest way to do the updates while keeping the serial number and all other settings?
I am currently using a Clovet 4910 and would like to upgrade to the latest and also to update kext's.
Thanks in advance everyone for your help!

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Upgrading Clover will not change the Config file, but you should still make a backup of your Clover folder.

Download and install this version of Clover with the following settings:

  • Install for UEFI booting only
  • Install Clover in the ESP
  • UEFI Drivers\Recommended Drivers
    • ApfsDriverLoader
    • AptioMemoryFix
    • AudioDxe
    • DataHubDxe
    • FSInject
    • HFSPlus
    • SMCHelper
  • Additional drivers
    • PartitionDxe
  • Themes (Optional)
  • Install Clover Preference Pane (Optional)

Update any kexts you have found in these links




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