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DW1820a Clover patch ?


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Hi Guys


I'm trying to instal a DW 1820 with sub system id 0023 to my Acer E15 with no succes

My system is a 10.12.6 Sierra


At IORegistry Explorer my card lists as XHC so I don't know how to translate the PCI adress to the Clover patch under "devices"


If anyone can give me some help would be gratly appreciated.


BTW I installed to S/L/E











Captura de pantalla 2019-10-05 a la(s) 19.43.39.png

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Save IOReg, compress and attach it here. The screenshot is useless.

3rd party kexts should be installed to /L/E, not /S/L/E

AirportBrcmFixup is useless without Lilu.kext

BrcmFirmwareData should be in Clover kext folder, not in /L/E or /S/L/E


Either use BrcmFirmwareData or BrcmFirmwareRepo, not both

BrcmFirmwareRepo + BrcmPatchRAM2 should go to /L/E 

or BrcmPatchRAM2 + BrcmFirmwareData go to /E/C/kexts/Other

BrcmBluetoothInjector if for Catalina

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You're totally mistaken... [email protected] is the PCI root device for USB3 controller. The Bluetooth module of your card will register underneath since BT is always USB-based. I don't know what led you to believe XHC was your card.


For the rest, please read the very detailed BCM4350 guide we posted in this very section and consult the general troubleshooting thread. I think there's been enough writings about this card without the need for yet a new thread on the matter.

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Hi Guys! Thank for the replies.

I tought I had uploaded mi IOreg report. Sorry. Here it comes.


Herve, thanks. To get the adress I had to patch in Clover, I followed some directions y found. I booted into Win, and at the

Device manager I looked into the BIOS Device name of my card. (__SB.PCI0.XHC.RHUB.HS05)

Then the tutorial said I had to translate the ACPI-Path to PciRoot format. And thats were I get confused, because when I looked into IOreg I couldn't follow the same logic

My card is CN-0VW3T3 but as others stated, the subsystem id is 1028:0023

I had read this tutorial 



MacBook Pro de Coco.zip

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Thanks @Jake Lo! I tought I did that but I forgot. Is in the response to Herve message.

Thanks for the info on were I have to Install the kexts. I have a very functional Hackintosh, but I'm a newbie to the matter.

I will relocate the kexts as you noted.

I forgot to mention I have
FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi and FakePCIID at S/L/E. Is that correct?

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