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Intel DX58SO2 motherboard : AppleAHCIPort.kext and AHCIPortInjector.kext


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AppleAHCIPort is a vanilla kext, still part of the /S/L/E kexts set in Catalina.


As for AHCIPortInjector, the name speaks for itself; it's not a kext per sé but an injector and you'd only use it if your I/O SATA controller in AHCI mode was not natively recognized by Catalina and displayed as "generic" in SysInfo. It's an alternative to patching AppleAHCIPort's Info.plist file. In the present case of Intel DX58SO2 motherboard, it's the X58 chipset with Intel 82801JIR I/O controller, i.e. ICH10R. You can obtain the PCI id of your SATA controller through tools such as DPCIManager. If required, you'd add the id to AHCIPortInjector's Info.plist file before injecting the kext or, ideally, caching it from /L/E.


All in all, it's the same as before/usual with Catalina and, most importantly, it's just cosmetic!


Example without injector / with injector:





Alternatives include:

  • injecting a natively supported AHCI SATA controller id through DSDT under our SATA ACPI device
  • injecting an equivalent entry to AHCIPortInjector into FakeSMC's Info.plist
  • faking the id of natively AHCI SATA controller in Clover config
  • possibly injecting a property for the SATA controller in Clover's Devices section (to be verified)
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