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E7470 - Brightness Control Fn Keys

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Sorry, I'm a newbie in this. I receive this error from the Script.


chmod a+x ~/Downloads/install_tools.sh


Installing debug report generator....

Checking your internet connection....

Internet connectivity is all good to go.

Downloading the latest version from GitHub...


cp: /usr/bin/gen_debug: Read-only file system

chmod: /usr/bin/gen_debug: No such file or directory

Tool installed successfully.

Would you like to generate a report now?[y/n]: 


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Unfortunately, most new members go straight for requesting support without reading forum rules or the FAQ section... -_-

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Tried using your Clover folder, no issue. Brightness Control works fine. 

You should remove SMCHelper.efi since it's for FakeSMC.kext and you're using VirtualSMC.

Other than that I think you might try resetting your BIOS to load the Default. Save reboot back to BIOS and set it to

  • UEFI enable
  • AHCI enable
  • Legacy Option ROMS disable
  • Secure Boot disable
  • TPM disable
  • Wake on AC off
  • Wake on WLAN/Lan off

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