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Dell 5400: stuck booting the Catalina USB installer

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I "stitched" this version from various sources to make it work.  I am not an expert, so most of time it is trial and error.   It has been working for me most of the time with some minor issues.  Feel free to give it a try and maybe you can find the fixes to the problems.  


0) Install the kexts listed in LE.txt to Library/Extensions

1) Run install.sh in the AudioFix folder.  This will fix the issue to switch between laptop spearkers and headset (bluetooth or audiojack)

2) Enable 3 finger drag.   System Preferences > Accessibility.  Find Pointer Control and the under Mouse & Trackpad menu.  Under Trackpad Options.  In the pop-up window, check the box for Enable dragging and choose three finger drag from the pull-down menu.  All the mouse buttons and pointer stick don't work.

3) webcam will only work after upgrade to catalina

4) Batter life is quite poor (2-3 hrs)

5) Touchpad will randomly freeze, lag , or loose gesture control sometimes, but most of the time it is fine.  It tends to go away sometimes on its own. Rarely I have to restart the system. 

6) System sometimes will reboot overnight.  I don't shutdown the system, only close the lid.

5400 EFI.zip

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I used your above EFI to install Catalina 10.15.4 on my Latitude 5400 and everything works fine (i think).


The thing is I need to edit the config.plist to try to make the iMessage and Facetime work. Upon loading the config.plist on clover configurator its an error message on line 1 and goes directly to text tab to edit. So I edited and removed the ` on line 1 then try to follow the instructions to make the iMessage and Facetime work from the FAQ. BUT when i reboot, its not booting anymore. Can you please help me make this work?


I'm new in hackintoshing so my knowledge is limited at the moment.


Asking for help as well from @Jake Lo if possible. 

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I have a 5400, but i am not able to get the touchpad to work. I have audio, Network, UHD620 working on 10.15.4.


Another thing is that when I upgrade to 10.15.5, I loose graphics.


What are you currently running on your Latitude 5400? Can you share current configuration?

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