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Hello everyone,

I'm Brett, a 22 year old student studying architecture. I work for the school as a lab tech, helping with laptops, hardware issues, os software issues and programs relevant to the degree. I just acquired a Dell D620 for the princely sum of 40 USD, for the sole purpose of hackintoshing it. I'm not a big stranger to hackintoshing. I've a Dell Mini 9 that's running 10.6.7, working bluetooth on it, sleep works, microphone works. I flashed the Broadcom card to show up as an Airport Extreme. I laser cut the back out to remove the "DELL" circle to an Apple logo. It even lights up.



I'm no stranger to the Latitude D-range, I had a D620 years prior, it met its demise with some soup. A D630 replaced it, and that was further replaced by a Precision M4500


I'll be reading the forums for info on putting 10.7.x on my D620, but if there's anything else, or anything just neat I should know, please do.


I am aware that my processor is not 64 bit, I may just buy a new board as a USB port is shot, along with a T7200, and the HSF. Do the D620s have the same issues of frying Nvidia cards as do the D630s? That or swap it with my old D630 I gave to my rents to use for browsing the web.

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Thank you!

I've uploaded the .dxf of the Apple logo I used. It's a CAD file, so if need be a trial of autoCAD or ArchiCAD is a free version of CAD. Don't quote me on that, I've never used it. But, it was a lot of trial and error positioning it and sizing it correctly. Also it was the first time I ran the laser cutter, so I did a poor job of it. After it had all been cut out of the lid, I cut out some white acrylic, 1/8th thick, and epoxied it all in. Since then I've purchased a new lid, and some much thinner acrylic, white and clear, I'll be giving it a go with some methane chloride to adhere it all together. My familiarity with a laser cutter goes up to 60W, so cutting metal is something I'm not used to. If this was still deemed good to know and valuable I can write it up in it's own topic.



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An update to my situation on the 64 bit processor front. I'm swapping my newly acquired D620 for my old D630 I gave to my rents, who word process and browse the internet, so I'll be able to install Lion and have some more graphics power, my main gripe about my mini. So I won't really have much til then.


C2D T7500



WXGA+ Screen

NVS 135M


Really looking forward to DSDT implanted into the BIOS!

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I got my D620 running SL, throwing on the 10.6.8 combo update as I write this. I had to reflash my BCM 4312 for it to be recognised as an Airport Extreme, the first time I did it I was sloppy with the vendor ids, so it worked fine in my mini hackintosh, but not the D620, it replaced a BCM 4311. It's very interesting the amount of progress towards a working machine in contrast with the mini. My mini works very well, but its manually editing dsdt.aml and individually applying new kexts. There is a thing thats like EDP called Netbook Installer, and that includes chameleon. We'll see what updating to 10.6.8 brings, every update on a mini is a bit tense, and youll want to run NBI ASAP afterwards. Just contrasting the differences, I'm liking how complete things feel with the Latitude though. What do people typically use theirs for? novelty, a mac replacement, a way to try out OS X to get a mac?




boots, killed wireless.



Repaired permissions, back up and running!

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I love my little Dell D630 (I have TWO) and I love the performance at A17 - but I'd be happy to love better performance at A18. I just don't want to risk ruining a computer that has "everything" on it (even if I have a spare laptop - I like having two). I guess I'm an old fashioned "belt AND suspenders" person.Should I update the BIOS now or wait until the driver update page starts showing A18 as the recommended option? Or try it on ONE of the two (different hard drives & differing amounts of RAM - so not a one for one comparison) to see what happens?

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