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Up to date guide for generating DSDT/SSDT's

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Hi everyone!


I posted this question over on https://www.insanelymac.com/ but I haven't gotten any hits. 


I've been going around in circles for the last few days trying to find an up to date guide for generating DSDT/SSDT's. Everything that I'm finding 4 or 5+ years old and are meant for chameleon bootloader.


Does anyone have any good links for creating proper DSDT/SSDT for Mojave/Catalina?





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What you ask is partially incorrect so don't expect much of an answer.


Once simply does not "generate" or "create" a DSDT per sé. One extracts the ACPI table from BIOS through whatever method/tools, this usually in order to consult its contents and/or patch it. With regards to SSDTs, specific SSDT tables can indeed be generated as a much cleaner and more efficient alternative to DSDT patching. It's the trend that's been followed these very last few years.


If you want to engage in this, you really have to know about ACPI coding and it's for advanced programmers because it's very low-level and tied to hardware. So, if you don't even understand the basics, it's not for you yet.


To give you a few pointers, though you probably won't understand much of it, look into the tables that have been posted in recent Mojave/Catalina guides for recent platforms (SKL, KBL, CFL). You'll see such things as very-specific/very-targeted SSDT tables.


Now, of course, if you had specified the computer model your request refers to and the extracted set of BIOS tables, you might get more in terms of an answer. Nothing has changed on that respect in the last 4 or 5 years...

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to Dump your un-patched ACPI tables press F4 at clover prompt. clover will store them in EFI/cloverACPI/origin  folder.

for more info press F1 at clover screen

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