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E7270 Stuck in Boot Up


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Been trying to install Catalina 15.3 (and also have the the same problem with the latest Mojave).

Never get to the actual install screen.


Specs: Core i5-6300U, 8GB RAM, SSD 256 (non-NVMe), Intel 520 graphics, WIFI 1820A

Bios Ver: 1.3.0 (have tried others, including latest)


I have created several USB installers with USB3, USB2 drives.

I have followed the guide here for both Mojave and Catalina and used the bootpacks listed:


I have used different versions of Clover (including the latest r5103) .


Any suggestions would be welcome.

Please help!





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The last screenshot shows that it's not detecting the Installer. Did you set the BIOS accordingly?


Set to Default, apply, then set SATA Operations to AHCI, set Boot List Option to UEFI

Disable Secure Boot, Disable Wake on LAN/WWAN/WLAN, Disable TPM (optional)


Check if you have HFSPlus.efi in /EFI/Clover/drivers/UEFI, my bootpack requires it.

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Jake Lo, Thanks for replying. 

Yes I did set up the BIOS as listed.

Yes that files is there, along with 6 others.

I used your bootpack from :

So weird thing, I left that last screen there for about 45 mins then, the Apple logo came up withe the bar, then the multi colored wheel, then another black screen with a white box and perhaps I had to choose something, I saw that from a distance and by the time I got to the computer it looked like the screen black out. I could hit a key and the keyboard would light up but the screen remained black. 


I have to run out and will try it again in a bit but any other suggestions?




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My bootpack has patch for the DW1820a but is disabled by default.

In the Config file, under Device/Properties, remove the # from #PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1c,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0)

That should enable the patch, but not sure if it'll work on installation.

If it still fails, then disable the Wifi in the BIOS until installation is completed.

I will assume you're using the E7270_Catalina bootpack from the last post of the guide

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I disabled the following in the bios and now I am able to boot and get into the macOS Utilities screen (after the Language screen).

Audio, Camera, Virtualization, Wireless, Bluetooth


On the macOS Utilities screen, the trackpad does not function (though the buttons do), external mouse and keyboard do not function, and the ENTER key does not work on the laptop! The end result is that I am unable to enter into Disk Utility to get the SSD formatted, or install macOS.


I am using the bootpack from the Monday post, https://osxlatitude.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=26030


Any suggestions to get the keyboard working properly?


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So I was able to get to the "Install macOS Catalina" screen by using the tab key and the space bar but now I can't select the Catalina hard drive to install the OS onto. 

Does anyone know how to enable the trackpad or mouse? The mouse pointer is just stuck in the top left of the screen.



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Ok, seems VoodooPS2Controller for Alps is a bad idea. I'll update the bootpack to switch it out.

Do this, at Clover gui, press spacebar. Go and select Block kexts. In the Off folder, enable ApplePS2Controller.kext and the plugins under it. 

Then in kext/Other folder disable VoodooPS2Controller and all plugins under it.

Now go back to main menu and boot regularly. 

Another way if mount the EFI folder and move ApplePS2Controller to kexts/Other and delete VoodooPS2Controller.




Bootpack update in Guide with ApplePS2Controller.kext

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