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[Solved] Latitude 3400: KP trying to install Catalina

Dell Dude

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Clover 2.5k r5098. I am going to try reformatting the USB and starting completely from scratch. I recently reinstalled the macOS Install partition but left the previous EFI partition, which might have gotten corrupt.


Also, should I be using Mojave or Catalina with that 3400 Clover pack?

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Alright, once I created the new USB, using your 3400 folder, it worked. Thanks!



-Graphics (Intel)






Not Working:


-Wifi (DW 1820A)

-Bluetooth (DW1820A)


Weird thing is that after booting and installing macOS on the drive, my existing Ubuntu install will no longer detect my wireless card (but bluetooth is detected). Can't for the life of me figure it out. I also booted to a windows install and still cannot detect the card.


I'm not sure if the card coincidentally failed, but not sure what is going on there.


I suspect my trackpad issues are due to the fact that it is i2c and that there may not yet be support for i2c devices.

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