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HotSpot not working between iPhone and Hack


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I am not able to get WiFi Personal hotspot working between my iPhone and laptop - Any ideas on what might need to be done?


The personal hotspot is enabled and BT and USB Cable connection works. But Instant Hotspot does not work and getting the message after a couple of minutes appear:


Failed to enable Personal Hotspot on "iPhone" 

Check to see if the device is turned on and in range of your computer.


- Laptop has WiFi and BT Enabled

- iPhone has WiFi and BT Enabled

- Both devices are paired


No Instant Hotspot icon ever appears.


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Well, there are various ways to connect to an iPhone (shared) data service:

  1. USB
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Wireless
  4. Personal HotSpot (Wireless + BT)

You've mentioned HotSpot but, given your above description, it looks like you're doing things incorrectly and BT may not properly work on your Hack...


2 x obvious things:

  • Personal HotSpot (i.e. connection sharing) needs to be enabled on the iPhone (we'll assume this is the case).
  • USB cable not required for Wireless, Bluetooth or HotSpot service


1) Connection via USB:

If you want to use your iPhone through USB, just connect the cable and disable/turn off Wifi/BT on your Hack. iPhone USB service will then be automatically selected. By default iPhone USB is disabled unless needed. If you have no Wifi on your Hack or if it's already off, iPhone USB connection will auto activate right after you connect your iPhone.

iPhone_USB.jpg iPhone_USB#2.jpg


2) Connection via Bluetooth:

If you have Bluetooth only (no USB, no Wifi), just pair your Hack with your iPhone and you'll be able to use the shared connection (Personal HotSpot) of your iPhone after a few seconds (it's not immediate).



3) Connection via Wireless:

If you have wifi only (no USB, no BT), your iPhone will be offered as a wireless network if and only if you actually go to Personal HotSpot (connection sharing) on your iPhone. No iPhone SSID visible on the network otherwise. Select the wireless service and, if applicable, enter the password you may have set on your iPhone.



4) Connection via Personal HotSpot:

This requires BT to be active on the iPhone and Wifi + BT on your Hack. Basically, this needs the same setup as required for continuity features such as Handoff. If both BT + wireless services are working properly, your iPhone will be offered as a Personal HotSpot on your Hack alongside wireless networks. Just pick-up your iPhone Hotspot and you're good to go. No BT pairing required. No need to be in Connection Sharing on your iPhone.




Sometimes, on Hacks, these services do not work perfectly and require a restart of either the iPhone or the Hack, occasionally both.


NB: All of the above tested and verified with:

  • Dell Vostro 200ST desktop fitted with AR5B92 wireless card (wifi only (fully working), no BT), Catalina 10.15.4
  • Dell Latitude E6220 laptop witted with Apple BCM94360CD combo card (wifi + BT, both full working), High Sierra 10.13.6
  • Dell Latitude E6230 laptop fitted with Apple BCM94360CD combo card (wifi + BT, both full working), Catalina 10.15.4
  • Dell Latitude 7490 laptop fitted with DW1820a combo card (wifi + BT, both fully working), Catalina 10.15.4


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