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M4800: Clover EFI pack requested for Catalina

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HighSierra is working with the M6800 10.13/10.14 files from github  :-)


Still have to set nv_disable=1 to use the internal screen, but after reading till my eyes bleed that seems inevitable?


Mojave/Catalina will have to wait till I have more time to tinker.


@Xeon3D, have you ever noodled with the webcam?   The external usb ports are working but beyond that I'm clueless...


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@Riley Cassel I've never fiddled with the internal webcam sorry. It might just be an issue of properly setting up your usb ports. There are numerous guides for that.

About the HD4600, my laptop doesn't have one (well, it does, but it's disabled). the HD4600 can't drive eDP LED screens since the only connection between the iGPU and the internal port passes thru a LVDS converter (and that's the only reason why it doesn't work... no matter what dell tells you.)


I've 99% given up on getting any macOS to run on my M4800. I've since gotten 2 or 3 more laptops for cheap and i'd bet that they all are easier to setup macOS with than the M4800.


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I don't have the AMD graphics but I do have a working EFI. I will try to adjust according to your settings.


If the other EFI doesn't work, try mine 



@Duc Cao, I'm a little curious of why your SMBios is a Skylake SMBios where it should be a HasWell SMBios. 

Ex: MacBookPro11,2 or 11,3

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