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Problem when entering MacOS Catalina 10.15.4 installation


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Before in March I have tried macOS Mojave and it worked fine and I have spent one month with it, after that I switched back to Win10.

Now, I tried to install the newer version Catalina and when I prepared everything and installed the Clover bootloader and the old Clover folder that worked before with my machine.

When I restarted and after the clover GUI I entered the installation and it didn't even enter it stayed at this error or screen, I've tried several clover folders and versions that worked perfectly fine before But the same problem still occurs.

(I will attach the clover configs which I used and worked on Mojave on the same machine)
(I used a Vanilla version of Catalina and Mojave (in the past))

My specs:
Dell 5570
Core i5-8250U/ AMD 530
Kingston 240GB SSD



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I have solved the issue, it was really about just changing  "ECDV to EC patch" to be enabled.

thanx for your Help ♥


I've another question, I now have Win10 on my SSD .. Can I create a new partition on the same device and install MacOS Catalina along side Win10

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Yes, but you have to have 2 things:

  1. EFI partition = 200MB or more (windows default is 128MB, verify it, expand if necessary)
  2. Must have GUID formatted drive (Windows might be formatted to MBR - you'll need to convert it)

I won't be able to help you with any of the 2 requirements, you'll have to figure that out yourself with google or whatever way you know

You can try cloning Windows to another drive, format your disk to the requirements above, create 2 partitions and then restore Windows to the second partition and install MacOS to the 1st.

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