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  1. Hello, When I tried to update my clover bootloader to the newest version and my kext files as well, when I return back to my old version 5119 the problem go away and the system boots normaly. I will attach my current working Debug files My Specs: Dell 5570 I5-8250U 620u intel graphics 16Gb Ram AMD 530 (disabled) 240G M.2 SSD debug_5390.zip
  2. You have helped me to solve many problems and I have to thank you for your help.
  3. Thanks for your response ♥ it is a normal 1080p display. I will try it ASAP. I thought that, too; because it didn't cause any graphical error except that weird HDMI thing. Note: I used Mojave on the same machine 2 months ago, and I had not any issues with the same HDMI TV monitor
  4. So it has been 9 days and no replays and I still don't know the solution
  5. Hi, I have tried to connect my HDMI monitor to my Laptop and here are the problems I faced: 1- The HDMI monitor is connected but completely black. 2- The HDMI monitor audio is some how working but as you can see in the included screenshot I can't control the volume directly from the system. 3- The HDMI monitor appears black ONLY when I uncheck "Mirror Displays" or in other words the screen mirroring works. 4- My graphics card is read as 2048Mb and I couldn't change that, because I know it can cause problems. My specs: Dell 5570 macOS Cata
  6. Thanx, but the problem couldn't be solved, because I couldn't enter safe mode or Single user mode ( caused Kernel Panic) and I couldn't go to my system because of a bad kext file that caused Kernel panic, too ... So I reinstalled the OS
  7. Yes, I didn't know the problem but I knew the solution ... and it was simply to restart the system and choose the installation partition from Clover boot (the partition in which you ware installing MacOS) and the installation continues without any errors, and if the problem appeared again I repeated, till the installation completes .. it took me one restart only after that message ... BUT you have to verify that The OS version is vanilla
  8. UPDATE: it tuns out that I was right the kernel panic is due to HWMonitorSMC2. if I can remove it from the terminal recovery the problem will be solved !
  9. battery_Dell-Inspiron-15-7xxx.txt , but I have patched it 3 days ago and its was fully working. I did what you asked me before, but the problem still there .. I've concluded that the problem is this a program (don't know it) that when it is loaded it crashes the system !
  10. the DSDT has the battery meter patch. I will get red of the unnecessary kexts and .efi and report the results
  11. Hi, When I rebooted my system it constantly kernel crashed and I am now can't even get into the system, the system seems to boot very normal and ask me to enter my password but when I enter my password it enters for a moment and reboots afterwords .. I've tried to user (-x) Clover argument to boot into Safe mode But with that it crashes even before loading the system. I've attached my clover folder and a video of the system rebooting and another one when using (-x) clover boot argument. I suspect that the problem is because of HWmonitorSMC2 because I have changed one of its setting
  12. Thanx for your quick response, I did what you told me, and the results are close to non .. I have test the full screen mode in Safari and QuickTime player and in both of them there is no flickering BUT google chrome (main browser) there are very little flickering (much less annoying) ... what do you think the problem might be?
  13. Hi, I have just installed macOS Catalina on my Dell 5570 ... I've been facing some problems, one of which is the screen flickering when watching youtube or any media player on just in full screen mode .. in normal minimized screen there is no problem at all .. My graphics acceleration is fully working . I'm going to attach a video which I captured the problem video link: here my specs: Dell 5570 intel i5-8250U intel U620 / Radeon 530 8Gb of ram 1080P display 240Gb kingston SSD debug_31977.zip
  14. Hi, While I was trying to enter the final installation screens on macOS Catalina, and after the Apple logo loader (that lasts for about 15 minutes) the installation didn't continue and it showed those errors. I've attached my Clover folder, screens shots and the saved errors log ..... I'm using Catalina 10.15.4 which I download earlier form the Apple Store on my VM, and I was installing macOS along side Win10 on my SSD. (I've done all the preparation for that) my specs: Dell 5570 intel i5-8250U intel U620 / AMD radeon 530 Kingston 240GB SSD
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