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Optiplex 3040 [Pentium G4400]: macOS installation stuck with no loading bar


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You're never going to get anywhere with such a Clover config. You can't just select all ACPI fixes and expect things to work. Undo all that and only select those fixes that may be needed like FixRegions, FixHeader, Halt Enabler.


As for graphics, I believe Clover Configurator explains things pretty clearly:



As far as I knew, Intel HD510 was unsupported but, according to old discussions from 2017 with Rehabman that I found after a quick search, support would have been added in macOS Sierra at some point. Indeed, looking at the SKL framebuffer kexts of High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina, I see that the list of supported devices does include 0x19028086.

            <string>0x19168086 0x191E8086 0x19268086 0x19278086 0x19128086 0x19328086 0x19028086 0x19178086 0x193B8086 0x191B8086</string>


So, remove that GPU id faking you've inserted in your Clover config. No guarantee it'll work though, I see plenty people reported lots of graphics glitches/defects for HD510.


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