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PCMCIA firewire with MOTU ultralight MK1 - No joy


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Hi guys.

Ive set up a d620 with nvidia for my friend and got him a firewire pcmcia card.

Which to be fair shows up in the system profiler under both the firewire and the network sections.

However when we try and connect it to his MOTU external sound card with the latest drivers from MOTU there is nothing.

What more information do I need to give?



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there are 4 kext pertaining to audio in extra directory any one of them can be causing issues. if its external sound then get ride of the internal audio kexts and see if that works.. ps i wouldnt boast about using our package to profit and expect help.. some thing are better off left unsaid..

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Eh? Profit? I'm sorry. I'm confused. I didn't use your package for any kind of profit.

I bought him a laptop from ebay because he doesn't have the internet.

I set it up for him because he... yet again doesn't have the internet.

I've not charged him for anything. Please don't get me wrong here guys.

I'd never ask money from anyone to do this.

All I meant was that I promised him that I could get everything to work and now I'm stuck with an extra laptop which he won't buy off me because I can't get it to work and I'm struggling to pay the rent this month.

Which by the way is why I haven't yet donated to the forum. Not because I'm tight.

I love the work that you guys have done and am so greatful for all the support you've already given me.

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