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  1. Okay so I finally sussed it. I'll post a guide on how I did it tonight as it's not exactly rocket science but an idiot like me needs all the help they can get. Cheers for all the hard work guys.
  2. I'm still having no luck with my D620 GMA. I've got a desktop hackintosh running Lion 10.7.4 which I'm trying to use to make a boot USB stick for my laptop. If I use EDP 3 I can't get it to install onto the USB stick. It keeps telling me that I don't have permisson. I've tried to download it to my desktop but when I transfer the Extra folder to the USB the EDP tool won't recognise that I've installed MyHack 3.1 to the USB stick. I also install it to the desktop to see if that helped. I've tried doing it from terminal without any luck. Sorry I really think I've tried everything but I'm sure that there is something crucial that I'm forgetting. Ps the boot packs that I used didn't have the IOATAFamily.kext in them
  3. I have the same problem as Uloga. I used EDP 2.1 exactly as described in this post https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/794-mac-os-x-lion-install-guide-for-d620/ as 2.2 doesn't automatically load edptool and I can't seem to work out how to get 3 to install everything to a flash drive rather than my current HDD. I'll try and remove IOATAFamily.kext later and let you know. Any other ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers
  4. Ok so first problem with 10.6.7 Everything is running slower than usual and garage band keeps telling me that parts of my track weren't played. Secondly I just got the "your mac needs to be restarted. Please press and hold the power key and then press the power key" message on the grey back ground. I the middle of recording a song! I've only ever seen that at boot up. I'm running the latest EDP 1.7
  5. Guys this is fantastic! You've worked very hard and I have to say that it is well worth it! Very user friendly and will save a lot of noobisth questions.
  6. You can put ram with a higher speed in but it will only work at the speed of your processors FSB which you can find under system profiler. It's probably going to be 667mhz.
  7. Fantastic. Thanks. As soon as it does it again I'll post it. Ok if I'm going to buy some more ram to replace the stuff I have what would you suggest would work best with a core 2 duo 1.83gig? I know that you need to match the processor speed or something... I already have a 2gig 800mhz and a 1gig 677mhz.. which do a replace? or do I replace both?
  8. I have the latest version of EDP and chameleon and i've got the right selections and have tested with or without each of the optional extra kexts (PCMCIA, powerpack etc) I'm sorry Leon but I'm an idiot and can't find the log files.
  9. Ah now this might be the problem! I think they're different. I'll get rid of the 1 gig and leave the 2 gig. I was told by an IT hardware tech that it's be fine however he's never used OSX in anything. Is it different then?
  10. Thanks. I'll try that as soon as I've got time. I still got crashes with the old hard disk but the ram has been fine for use in windows and more recently linux with no noticable full system freezes. The processor upgrade coincided with the switch to snowleopard so I have no comparison. When I have some spare time I'll try changing hardware but it's still only done it to me a handful of times and at such random moments it may take me months and months to find a hardware config that works.
  11. Ok It's happened again. The damn thing just froze on me. I first thought it was an overheating issue so I bought a laptop cooler pad thing and still it happens. Leon suggested I "next time you have one, grap your /var/log/system.log and /var/log/kernel.log and post them in a new thread in the support forum... might share some light on the case.. also take note of what it says..." except that I have no idea where those log files are. Sorry. Might it be something to do with the fact that I have upgraded the HDD, the processor and the ram? Maybe because I have a USB audio unit attached? Maybe because I have usb bluetooth? A docking station? Any help would be super. many thanks in advance.
  12. I did that and it came up as a usb hard disk. Which it isn't. That's why I presumed it would be a bios issue. When I selected the usb hard disk (named sandisk cruizer so I knew it had recognised the device) it did the same as I previously mentioned.
  13. Ok this is strange. Using Chameleon v2 rc5 it does nothing except gives me a black screen with the words boot0: done and a flashing cursor. I guess this is possibly a BIOS problem as it won't get to chameleon prompt from the flash drive. However it would with the leppy disk. However I'm not sure which version of chameleon that was using. Also do you know where I can get the chameleon v2 rc4 from? I'll post back with any more info
  14. Tried the Leppy instal disk. Mannaged to get to chameleon prompt and put the snow leopard cd in. It found the cd but as soon as I hit enter it resets and goes back to dell loading screen. I'll try it with the usb asap.. I'm afraid I don't have a leopard disk. I've only recently got into hackintoshes. I'll let you know if there is any progress. I'll try it with and without it's docking station.
  15. Whilst waiting for the flash drive I've taken down the specs. It has a pentium m 1.4 processor. (sticker on case says centrino) Intel 1394 wireless Intel 82852/82855 graphics and apparently 640mb ram....... Ok what DSDT do we think would be most compatible? Or do you suggest pulling one from a linux instal? How about Kexts?
  16. Ok now this is strange. I've had two crashes in as many days. Both doing fairly straight forward things like using firefox or logic pro 7.
  17. Pants. Sorry just thought this should probably be in the alternative hardware forum. It is a latitude though...
  18. Has anyone tried instaling snow leopard on a latitude x300? I've just got one lying around. I tried using the original leppy method however I don't have a flash drive large enough to use that method yet however I have ordered one. Pretty much wanted to know people's thoughts/I don't mind being a tester if it would be useful.
  19. Have you tried booting using the original leppy boot cd from the insanely mac forum... http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=178411 That might at least get you into your install. Either that or try connecting an external display and booting with either your laptop lid open or closed. If neither of those things help sorry I can't be more useful.
  20. well actually it workes sweet. It's slightly different to to the way that they suggest. If you think it would be useful then I could write a tutorial... everything works except for the back slash! Can't work out how to sort that one though.
  21. Actually guys I've just found this article. It's quite useful. I'll test it and see if it works. http://www.gyford.com/phil/writing/2005/11/20/using_a_british.php
  22. That's why I switched control and alt. I now don't have to change any short cuts in any programs. So does anyone know how to change this?
  23. ps thanks ever so much for the advice. I'll try with the audio kexts and see how it goes.
  24. Eh? Profit? I'm sorry. I'm confused. I didn't use your package for any kind of profit. I bought him a laptop from ebay because he doesn't have the internet. I set it up for him because he... yet again doesn't have the internet. I've not charged him for anything. Please don't get me wrong here guys. I'd never ask money from anyone to do this. All I meant was that I promised him that I could get everything to work and now I'm stuck with an extra laptop which he won't buy off me because I can't get it to work and I'm struggling to pay the rent this month. Which by the way is why I haven't yet donated to the forum. Not because I'm tight. I love the work that you guys have done and am so greatful for all the support you've already given me.
  25. Hi guys I know this sound a little bit silly compared to all the hard and very cool stuff that we are able to do however I still can't work out how to make my @ key become an @ key instead of a " key and vica versa. I've made ctrl into the mac button which makes most key commmands essentially the same as dos commands which is cool. This is easy to do by the way if anyone wants to know how.
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