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Latitude 5480: assistance required to fine-tune the Hack


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Hi guys, its actually the first time in my life that I write a post in a forum, and I'm using my Macintosh, I will really appreciate ur help...


so Ive been trying for several months to get a fully working Hackintosh and I am almost done now...


this laptop is a Dell Latitude 5480, here is an overall look :

CPU : i5 6300U

iGPU : HD Graphics 520 (working)

WLAN Card : Intel AC Dual Band 8265 (working temporary)

Ethernet : Idk (working)

SD Card reader: not working (but its fine)

HDMI: working but without audio


what is not working, and where I really need help :

Trackpad is working but without Gestures

Audio not working at all, even on HDMI and Audio Jack (Realtek ALC256)

Bluetooth is ON but not working

Some Fn Buttons are not working so I need a remapping 


Every other thing is working, (this EFI is from someone using HS + some modifications)


 Thanks for anyone who tries to help :-) 


(can't send EFI cuz its about 24Mb, so I will try to upload it somewhere else and provide link)


EFI https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dICC4VkVILUJdmPffHs4uYA7mNqDPYop?usp=sharing

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thanks for replying

I don't know where is the section where I have to put this post in...anyway


I made many searches about my model and some other similar ones, the problem is that I only found few people that have exactly same configuration, and most of them are on Mojave, I forgot to mention that I'm on Catalina :-(


But at least I have some good news, I managed to fix audio in all inputs and outputs...


thanks again.

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Hi @Jake Lo


Unfortunately, Audio wasn't working perfectly, and after some few reboots it just completely stopped working, here is the guide I followed https://techposts.org/fix-realtek-alc256-audio-macos-hackintosh/

By the way, Thank you for the file you provided and Karabiner, I will try them as soon as possible.



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hi @Jake Lo


here are some screenshots, I see that the device is actually from Intel, but the tool can't detect the codec name :-(


In the third picture, I can see that the bluetooth is recognized, In the settings its  also turned ON, But it doesn't work from the first place.


Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 20.05.56.png

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 20.42.32.png

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 20.53.07.png

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post debug file, leave out themes folder if files are too big

Before compress and attaching the file, verify there's an IOReg file, not just IOReg.txt file

If missing, go to applications folder and run IORegistryExplorer.app

Save and add it to the debug folder, compress and attach it here for further assistance

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hi @Jake Lo


can u please tell me how to get that debug zip file ? the script made by black.dragon74 didn't work for me for some reason, I did everything he says, but when I run the command gen_debug, zsh tell me that its an unknown command :-(

I'm sure that the script correctly installs the tool needed tho....

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