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[SUCCESS] Dell Optiplex 3070 MFF 10.15.6 Catalina OpenCore


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Hi Jake,


i tried your config file , replace file, and doing clean snapshot.

The result is: still no sound from HDMI, no Audio Out detected.

what changed is , my Intel UHD 630 memory change from 1536 MB to ±2048 MB


Here, i attached the result of my IORegistryExplorer file.




Ignasius’s iMac.zip

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i tried your new config.plist, but still no HDMI audio detected.



the new logging is attached


-Open Core Log



I don't see HDAU on IO. maybe it's what causing audio failed to load?

or maybe because of Intel FrameBuffer Patching ?





Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 09.41.00.png

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IOReg file is not reflecting the changes made from the Config file. You either booting from a different source or you need to select 'Reset NVRam' during boot to update the changes. There's no HDAU for Skylake system and up.

At OC boot screen, if you don't see the option, then press spacebar. That should show the Reset NVRam option. Select that, it'll go through a quick reboot.

Then boot regularly.


Is the current display connected via HDMI or DP?

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Hello Jake,

Good news, i try to re-apply the config.plist you attach, but the difference is i don't do OC Clean Snapshot , but reboot the computer, do the NVRam.

Before doing the NVRam restart, there is some missing ACPI, but, after the NVRam Restart, the Audio is now working.


I don't realize that the Optiplex 3070 Micro have an internal Speaker, and now it's working too.

The DP Audio is working too.



i changed the layout-id for the Realtek audio to 11.

Internal Audio OK - HDMI OK - Universal Audio Jack OK - Line Out OK


Thanks, one step closer to almost perfect build.

The last thing is the HDMI.

At the bios, HDMI is working, at the opencore logging/gibberish, it's still working, but at the OSX Login Screen, HDMI have no signal.


But i can live with the DP Port.

I read that the Next versions of Lilu and WhateverGreen should restore HDMI output capability in Catalina.



Learning from the changes on the config.plist. I have some Question.

1.There is some different in the SSDT-HPET from mine & yours, is it what causing the Realtek Audio Not working ? or the order of ACPI that causing it ?

2.The difference in HPET _CRS to XCRS Rename , mine have Table Signature 00000000 , your empty, or it's related to #1?

3.My DeviceProperties have missing mapping PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1b,0x0) , does not exist, but exist in PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x3) ?

4.You added framebuffer-con*-busid and other atributes, is it what called Framebuffer Patching ?



I updated the EFI on my first post, so other people can use it too.





Ignasius’s iMac New2.zip

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The Config I'd attach already have layout-id changed to 11. The reason it wasn't working before as I had said above was that you need to select Reset NVRam after each change /update. That's why the IOREg you attached after replacing the Config and adding the SSDT-HPET did not reflect. Anyway, glad it's working now.


The HDMI port issue, what is the resolution of the display?

If it's 4k, you might have to increase the DVMT pre-alloc.


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