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Dell E6540 A26 Bios Opencore 0.6.0 Big Sur Beta 3 100%


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@Hervé, Please don't get me wrong, as I get your point and I would love to do that. The thing is that it took me more than four weeks to get where I am today and chances are that I don't remember all the things I did. Anyway let me try:


1. Create a Big Sur USB installer

2. Download the EFI-11.1.zip on post 4 above and paste it in the EFI of the Big Sur USB installer

3. For the installation phase a USB Keyboard & Mouse are required

4. After the first login install VoodooPS2Controller.kext in Library/Extensions

5. Repair permissions using Terminal or Hackintool, disconnect USB Keyboard & Mouse and reboot

6. Your Keyboard & Trackpad should now be working, just fine tune it in System Preferences under Trackpad

7. Now is the fun part of getting Read/Write Access, which there are guides on Google on how to do that

8. After done with point 7, the snapshots will be deleted and "sudo mount -uw /" working go to 9

9. Please don't deactivate the Radeon HD 8790M if you require HDMI Audio and also set to false FakePCIID_HDMI in Opencore

10. Go to System/Library/Extensions/AMD8000Controller.kext, info.plist and add 0x66061002 in both fields where the other devices are

11. Step 10 is to make your sleep/wake to be 100%

12. Always remember that after making any changes in System/Library/Extensions/ you must always "sudo kmutil install --update-all" then "sudo kcditto"


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@Lego, You're are always welcome. Please get started and remember to have¬†a USB keyboard & mouse handy for the installation. Opencore did not allow my VoodooPS2Controller.kext, so we will be installing that in Library/Extensions after the installation¬†ūüėÜ

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Thank you very much as I was able to get it to boot on my M6700 and my E6540 which are completely different laptops but I have been trying for days without luck but now with your OC folder, I able to boot it on both!!! THANK YOU!!!


I usually never install to /L/E, I just put it in kexts but I guess I will need to put in /L/E now. Thank you for all of the hard work, very much appreciated!! 

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