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Lion on D420 Core 2 Duo


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Hi valhalla,


Did a quick check. If your D420 is duo 2 core and GMA950 then lion can be installed. We also already have bootpack and EDP for it. You can read the wiki above on how to install.



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From my reading around (it's confusing) I think the key thing is Core Duo or Core 2 Duo.


I have a D420 using a 1.2GHz Core Duo.


Processor ID is 06EC


Intel says this is 32bit instruction set :



So, this is definitely "dual core" but not 64bit therefore NO Lion install possible.


I think an update/guidance on the EDP page to check your processor ID might help some confusion. The requirement is both dual core + 64bit instruction set (please, correct me if I am wrong)


Finally, off topic, a bit.

Incidentally, for Snow Leopard, I have used the "single core" EDP pack successfully ... no idea if the "dual core" EDP pack would work ... might try it one day.


Also, I have bought a d430 "base" on ebay that I hope I can transplant into my D420 and get me the Lion!

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