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E6230 Catalina 10.15.6 : Freeze after wake up from sleep


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Hello, guys I have a problem with my Dell Latitude E6230. System freezes after wake up (not always).

Please, check my debug file. And tell me, did i install the system correctly?

I used this instruction, but placed generated ssdt.aml and ssdt.dsl into /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched


I'm running Clover r5119

My specs:

- BIOS A20 with SSD set to AHCI mode

- Intel i5-3320M

- 8GB DDR3L-1600 RAM

- no battery


Here is the result of pmset -g and ls /var/vm :


pmset -g                    
System-wide power settings:
Currently in use:
 standbydelaylow      4200
 standby              1
 womp                 1
 hibernatefile        /var/vm/sleepimage
 powernap             1
 halfdim              1
 networkoversleep     0
 disksleep            10
 standbydelayhigh     4200
 sleep                45
 autopoweroffdelay    259200
 hibernatemode        3
 autopoweroff         1
 ttyskeepawake        1
 displaysleep         45
 highstandbythreshold 50
 lidwake              1
ls -la /var/vm
total 2048
drwxr-xr-x   4 root  wheel      128 Aug 26 17:36 .
drwxr-xr-x  27 root  wheel      864 Aug 25 23:02 ..
-rw-------   1 root  wheel  1048576 Aug 27 04:14 kernelcore
-rw-r--r--   1 root  wheel        0 Aug 25 23:23 sleepimage



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Yes, you've got everything right and I believe you have the correct generated SSDT table for your CPU. However, you may switch from standard CPU power management with AICPUPM + Clover AICPUPM patch + CPU-specific SSDT to Kernel CPUPM (XCPM) in order to run a totally CPU independant setup; it works on our Ivy Bridge E6230:

  • remove the SSDT files from CLOVER/ACPI/patched subfolder in Clover EFI folder
  • remove the dropping of DMAR + SSDT CpuPm + SSDT Cpu0Ist tables in Clover config (ACPI section)
  • disable AppleIntelCPUPM patch in Clover config (Kernel & Kexts Patches section)
  • enable KernelXCPM + KernelPm patches in Clover config (Kernel & Kexts Patches section)
  • update Clover r5119 but don't go higher (XCPM not working with Clover r5120 and later)
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Has your freezing on wake issue remained fixed, or has it come back?  I've found that even though I set hibernate mode to 0 (as you probably did as well, given the guide that you linked in your first post), it periodically will change itself back to 3.

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