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D630 Intel - screen goes black during boot to Install Snow Leopard


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:P Yep, sorted. Respect!


NB: I updated to 10.6.8 using the Combo Update package. It's important to:

i) apply EDP 1.9.2 kexts/scripts after the update

ii) copy the correct DSDT file (Simeonoff's) to /Extra after EDP model-specific kexts are installed

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If your friend's laptop has the high-resolution screen, you'll have to manually set the resolution in the boot.plist to its native 1440x900x32. It might also help if you use Simeonoff's dsdt.aml file instead of the standard included in EDP 2.2


Keep us updated on how it goes, it sounds like your friend has the same laptop I'm working on and I'm running into some challenges with this one.


Thanks. Do I do BOTH of those things? Change the string to 1440x900x32 in the plist and also use Simeonoff's dsdt.aml file?


Here are some updates:

1) Windows 7 installed perfectly and is actually pretty fast.

2) I managed to install Lion using the myHack method, the Extra folder downloaded here (for D630 Intel graphics), plus the Simeonoff dsdt for 1440x900. It installed pretty fast and looked okay. BUT when I was installing EDP 2.2 I got a kernel panic after the last kext install.

This happened exactly the same way twice, as I tried a reinstall. I now get a kernel panic when trying to boot the D630.

3) now, booting from the myHack USB pen or another pen I made using the old method here (Restore), I always get a kernel panic.


SOMETHING REALLY WEIRD: I've just made a myHack USB pen for Snow Leopard, following the usual instructions. The install seemed to go perfectly and I left the pen as is, because I wanted to ask for people's advice here before proceeding. Here's the weird thing: the USB pen is NOT a Mac install disk (though it says myHack OS X Install Disk), but instead CONTAINS A LOT OF OTHER files and folders and documents that I previously had stored on the USB pen !!!!! WTF!

I had reformatted the USB pen obviously. I had used it for the other install attempt for Lion yesterday, and the pen was created properly.


Really really weird. I am having zero luck with myHack in general. Is it working okay for everybody else? My best results are still when I use the old method with a Restore, but that's with Snow Leopard.

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