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Hi lads,


During a recent reddit chatter regarding CFG Lock, i was told that it is possible to change it, with quite ease too. It looks like something that wouldn't survive a BIOS update (quite normal for dual booters).

Anyway, i know from the Desktop builds that i did, having the option on the BIOS to have the CFG unlocked was seen as massive, and while i have limited deep knowledge, i know that it spares you the kernel patches needed for it.


Is it worth going for it? I wouldnt mind the hassle of repeating the process as it looks quite scriptable with a small thumbdrive.

Are there any advantages of having it "native" instead of patched through Clover or OC?


PS, here's the links:


CFG Unlock & Undervolting



Thanks in advance.

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It's entirely up to you. There's a chance you won't see much difference in terms of CPU power management and performance between patched kernel and unlocked CFG register/variable. But I guess, only experimentation can tell...

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