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Latitude E7450: Big Sur beta with OpenCore 0.6.3

Justin Wallis

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Everything Seems to be working almost!   
(Thanks to @acquarius.13@Jake Lo@Hervé..)

- The laptop's Trackpad itself and also the Gestures stopped working when updating to Big Sur


I uploaded my EFI folder below :)



Because i want the Trackpad working with all the mac gestures, instead of TrackStick usability, I am using this:

Instead of ApplePS2Controller, or this:


I updated to the newest version of OpenCore from here:


I downloaded the Newest Versions of Kexts, and replaced the old ones before the upgrade (from Catalina):


E7450 OC EFI Backup - OpenCore0.6.3 (Change SN, UUID, MBSN & ROM).zip


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HibernationFixup should not be required. E7450 normally sleeps & wakes Ok with hibernation disabled (see our FAQ section for details) and proper native CPU power management.

Brightness keys should also be fully working with either the DSDT patch detailed in my E7250 guide or the SSDT-BRT6 table provided by JakeLo in numerous threads.

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Just some notes about the issues the past week of use, since the Big Sur update:

- Freezing Issue: I turned off most of the apps (especially Boom 2 causing issues i think)i had as login items, and the freezes are just occasional now (About once a day it occurs) half the time it recovers. This time the freezes are also different as before, as the mouse also becomes frozen. (using external mouse, bc trackpad is not working). Hopefully the Big Sur updates will resolve the freezing issue. I turned all the apps off, and still experienced it, it seems like it happens when i have too many browser tabs/ videos running.


- The trackpad and gestures (w/ the VoodooPS2Controller-R6Bronxteck.kext) worked randomly (after many restarts), and only once though, then stopped working after next restart. Weird, that it would randomly like that, as i didn't change anything prior to.


- Apps that needed to be updated for Big Sur: Little Snitch (obviously), and Bartender (vers 4 to 5)


- I have to click on "Show volume i menu bar" after every restart, wonder what that's about


Thanks again for all the help

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