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HP 840 G3: fine tuning Big Sur beta


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Could you please provide some help with wireless and bluetooth ?

I have 840g3 with Inter8260ac and bluetooth.

I had no access to real macos so I tried in virtualbox to install clover, but couldn't go into recovery to disable SIP.

So i used the gibmacos-master in win10 to download catalina package and created the usb and copied your 840g3OC.zip from 

and catalina installation was fine, except wireless and bluetooth, that was ok, since drivers are not in.

Afterwards I upgraded with dev profile to big sur, and also updated the usb drive with the content of 840g3_bgsur_beta4.zip.

Big sur is completed, i have installed also helliport, and only remaining step is to incorporate the drivers in the EFI.

So i have found AirportItlwm_v1.0_Beta_BigSur.kext.zip and i guess also BrcmPatchRAM-2.5.5-RELEASE.zip.

Are those the official files to use ? and besides pasting the kexts, i understand i have to update also the config.plist file, is that right ?


1. So, how can the big sur beta4 usb drive be updated to have wireless and bluetooth ? (files are untouched).

2. And in a second step how can i introduce this working usb EFI (wireless/blth included) to boot partition so that i stop using usb stick ?


Before big sur upgrade, my system was dual boot with win10, so booting was done with the usb stick.

After big sur update windows bootmanager was broken and now macos boots without usb stick.

So how do we update this new EFI ? is it via mount.efi program ?


Sorry if i placed the question in wrong section.



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Thank you, could you please point me to a good bootloader training or guide, to understand how this works and what kind of modifications are needed ?

I have downloaded the relevant editor, i am just about to proceed with the need modifications.


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When we add the itlwm.kert inside kexts, do we just add the below part in config.plist 




or we need to do OC snapshot and check all values from the beginning ?

I did the OC snapshot on the config.plint from the original "840g3_bgsur_beta4.zip" , and there were many new entries on the config.plist , so i took only the above block and addded on the beta4 version, and wifi worked.


i did replaced also the BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext, BrcmFirmwareData.kext, BrcmPatchRAM3.kext from "BrcmPatchRAM-2.5.5-RELEASE.zip", but bluetooth is still not working.


I didn't do any update on config.plist since those 3 kexts are already included there.

Did i do something wrong ?


Thanks for the support.

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Ops my bad, i didn't notice that brcm stands for broadcom :( and the funny think is that i was looking for the download link and i pressed in the credits section which opens the gitlab for broadcom, now i saw that in the top right corner of the page they have the gitlab link for the intel bluetooth files :) .


One last question, is there support for the displayport either directly from the laptop or the ultraslim 2013 dock  station ? 


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