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E6430: boots to black screen & goes to sleep


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My E6430 runs Catalina 10.15.7 on OC 0.6.3.  The built-in display goes dark following the apple logo on boot, and eventually the machine goes to sleep.  Once I wake it from sleep by pressing the power button, everything seems to work fine.  I have tried both the E6430 low-res DSDT posted here by Jake Lo as well as the one posted by Herve in this thread. Both give the same results.


I have found that if I boot in the dock (Dell port replicator) with an external display connected, the machine boots fine and the display stays on.

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BIOS: ver A22

CPU: i5-3340M @ 2.7 GHz

RAM: 6BG 1600MHz DDR3

Graphics: HD 4000 1366x768

Catalina 10.15.7


Attached is the EFI.  The SSDT-PM.aml comes from running ssdtPRGen.sh on this laptop.

However, the config uses MacBookPro11,1 as that was what Jake Lo had used in his config.plist (presumably for Big Sur compatibility).  That generates a mis-match warning when ssdtPRGen.sh is run, but the script still generates the aml file.


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Sorry - my mistake.  I misread the BIOS version; my E6340 is at A24.


Could using MBP11,1 instead of an ivy bridge ID may be causing the boot-to-sleep issue?

If I revert to 10,2, do I need to generate new serial numbers/UUID's etc in order for Messages to work?

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