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Dell Latitude E5270: OpenCore First Boot Failure macOS Catalina

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Thanks, Jake Lo for your help you are truly a master Of Hackintosh. I was able to install macOS and then fix most of the problems.

I Had the same problems as Rommy like not working wifi, left USB and Battery ( I fixed those).

There are still some problems like Bluetooth and HDMI (When I connect to the monitor main display goes black).

This is my current state: https://github.com/ijiki16/Dell-Latitude-E5270-OpenCore#white_check_mark-whats-working

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You can try EDID to fix the display issue or use the workaround. Close the lid so that external monitor is the only active monitor, then open the lid, the internal display should come back on along with the HDMI monitor. The other way is to place system to sleep / wake cycle before connecting an external monitor. I had posted this workaround in my E7470 guide years back, seems it's still the case.

The Bluetooth issue...well you'll need to ask the developer of the Intel Bluetooth kexts for help on that.

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I notice that most troubles have been solved due to precious Jake Lo support for me and AppleCross. Big results.

I have to check with the multiple ports of the dock station how the laptop behaves, but I'm very satisfied of the reached status. Everything I'm interested in works now.


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That's what I've to do because I tested the behaviour with previous USBPorts.kext generated with the laptop standalone. Probe USB keys are mounted but do not appear in the Hackintool list. It seems a formal issue, because USB keys file remain accessible...

Three USB 2.0 ports on left side of the dock work

Two USB 3.0 ports on rear side of the dock work

I forgot docking station doesn't have an HDMI port but only DP. Have to test again and switch monitor connections with another PC/Hackintosh (dual boot W10/Big Sur).

The very last test now remains to make a SIM card of an internet provider to be connected to the network as a modem. Do you think it is feasible?

USB dock.png

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