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Problems with low-res Latitude E6530 running Big Sur


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I just installed Big Sur on my Latitude E6530 (i5-3320M, 1366x768, HD4000) using this EFI config which was based on @Hervé's guide: https://github.com/sunabozu/dell-e6430-big-sur-opencore

So far it's doing pretty well, however, there are a few issues:

 - Sleep doesn't seem to work well, for short sleep periods it will work nicely, but longer periods and it will either freeze at some point after wake or just totally freeze during wake.

 - Sometimes network access after boot results in macOS beachballing, and getting stuck while trying to reboot.

 - Some USB ports (namely the back or the left USB3 port) would sometimes die and require a reboot (tried remapping the USB ports using Dortania's guide, but to no avail).

My attached EFI is based on the above EFI but with some changes:

 - Removed USBInjectAll.kext+FakePCIID*.kext and replaced with USBmap.kext

 - Regenerated SSDT-PM.kext for my i5-3320M

 - Removed TG80211 and replaced with HS80211Family.kext + AirPortAtheros40.kext for AR9462 (https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/1008-io80211family-modif/)

Is there anything that I can do to fix the issue? And yes, I've tried the original EFI by Herve (the #5 one to be exact), and it offers no improvements on the issue.


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I too experienced issues of freeze after wake, either immediately or after a few seconds. I thought I had nailed it a couple of times with OC config adjustments only to be disappointed. The issue only happens with OC, I never experienced it with Clover. Since yesterday, it seems to be better if:

1) standby is turned off

sudo pmset -a standby 0

2) Chrome is not running when computer is put to sleep


So far, no freeze but It's only been 24hrs...


For the rest no issues with USB ports, whether USB2 or USB3.0 and your network issues will be related to that Atheros AR9462 card you're using; those have always had poor support and we've always advocated to replace them by fully supported cards.

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Quick update on the current issue: Yes, the network issue is pretty much gone, and sleep seems to work (even with Microsoft Edge opened in the background, and as Edge is now Chromium-based, maybe Chrome won't affect sleep?). However, the headphone jack is dead after waking up. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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