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How to fix iCloud / Appstore / FaceTime errors


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Try to download an update but that doesn't finish properly, with errors in the logs.

Tried deleting the appstore.plist in ~/Libray/Cookies and resetting Safari.

Then tried the steps in the guide in "How to fix iCloud / Appstore / FaceTime errors" first of course the easy way, but no result, so switched to the difficult method, but still having problems with AppStore.


Does someone has any ideas?


(OSX 10.6.8)

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im not 100% sure but i think the face time fix is included in newer chameleon vertions


I solved the problem, I can now install new software and update existing apps via "App Store" in the Apple-menu.

I collected all the tips & tricks about this problem, did it in the blender, and ended up doing these steps:


- reset Safari, empty the caches.

- deleted the appstore.cookie.

- run MyHack 3.1, reinstalled Chameleon, run "Full Fix", run "delete problematic extensions".

- created with Chameleon Wizard a new random serial number.

- deleted the two network interfaces wireless and ethernet.

- deleted plist's with 'network' and 'appstore' in there names.

- runned (again) the OSX 10.6.8 Combo Updater.

- rebooted.

- added first the wired ethernet interface, then the wireless network.


Yes, bingo, App Store works! :)

I think that OSX somewhere places the serial number in a network related plist, so cleaning up and reinstalling did the job.

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Hi everyone. I have tried the hard and the light way of fixing this with no avail. I keep getting network connection with icloud. 

If anyone could help me to narrow the problem and hopefully fix it is well appreciate.


I have change the serial numbers, deleted the cards, deleting the plist files and at this point I wouldn't know what else to try.


optiplex 755 installed with myhack, reinstalled chameleon for booting problem. Worked out of the box with the intel video chip. I also have upgraded to 10.8.2 and is running fine only flickering video with flash but thats it.



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