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[Solved] E7280 OpenCore BigSur Post Install Issues.

Go to solution Solved by Jake Lo,

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I upgraded from Clover/Catalina to OpenCore/BigSur.    It was easier than I expected and the file and configuration are much cleaner with OpenCore. 


The system works fine except for:

  1. Screen Brightness Button.  Fn+Up and Fn+Dn used to work under clover.  But I have not been able to apply the same changes to OpenCore (BRT6??)
  2. HDMI and DP connectors are not working. (Black Screen).   I am Working on this now.
  3. Sleep is flaky.  Closing the lid does not put the laptop to sleep.



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Files and patches are included in the link provided above.

You need to add SSDT-BRT6.aml

The following patches under ACPI in these order



BRT6 to XRT6

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My mistake, bootpack was using SSDT-GPI0-GPEN.aml instead of ssdt-XOSI.aml for I2C

Glad you got that squared away


Add Sinetek-rtsx.kext if you would like sdcard reader to work.

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Check your boot-args once in macOS:

nvram -p | grep boot-args


Delete the existing boot-args as/if appropriate.

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