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Latitude E5470: Cannot find latest version macos

Nhật An

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I want to update macos 11.2.1 but I can't find the update 😑


When I updated macos from 11.1 to 11.2, I had to download and install it from the appstore. This is quite annoying

I tried to install macos beta profile but still can't find the latest version (11.3 beta)

Please help me fix this issuse


Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 6.11.16 AM.png

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I experienced the same issue on a couple of my Hackintoshes (the Haswell Toshiba laptop and the old Penryn Vostro desktop):

  • no update to Big Sur 11.2.1 offered on either system, despite using a Big Sur compatible/supported SMBIOS
  • downloaded the 12GB Big Sur package from the AppStore on the Toshiba Hack and re-installed, only to end up with same 11.2 build 20D64 as before

So, I started experimenting and, to me, it's related to OpenCore. I'm yet to establish whether it's related to the version of OpenCore, some incorrect settings in the config or some side effects from using OCC (or a mix of them all) but I can tell that the 11.2.1 update was offered to me on one the Haswell Toshiba Hack after reverting from OC 0.6.6 to OC 0.6.3. This is what I did:

  1. made a backup of active OC 0.6.6 EFI folder in the ESP
  2. took the original OC 0.6.3 EFI folder of my Ivy Bridge Latitude E6230 and replaced its ACPI tables + kexts by those required for the Toshiba Hack (as used with OC 0.6.6)
  3. replaced OCC v2.27.0.0 by v2.16.0.0 and adjusted the OC config with OCC to reflect what was required for the Toshiba laptop (ACPI/DeviceProperties/Kernel/PlatformInfo) as per what was used with OC 0.6.6
  4. replaced the OC 0.6.6 EFI folder on the ESP of the Toshiba Hack by the modified OC 0.6.3 EFI folder (of E6230 origin)
  5. Rebooted into Big Sur 11.2 with this OC 0.6.3 setup and... Bingo!


The update went ahead when I launched it and the Toshiba Hack is now running Big Sur 11.2.1.

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