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E5440 Big Sur Help

Victor Hugo F

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Hey, how are you ?

First of all, sorry for bad english, it's not my native language.

It is possible to run Big Sur on Dell E5440? I tried several times but I couldn't successfully install the OS. I have successfully installed Catalina, but not Big Sur.

I've tried an clean OpenCore install, from the beginning. It boot in OpenCore, It even go to the installation screen, but, when it restar for the first time, it show the Apple logo with progress bar, and sticks on it. It even show above the progress bar "About xx minutos remaining", the minutes goes down, but the progress bar still the same. 

I saw this guy, with the same model as mine, that he has successfully, so I thought that my model is compatible.


I tried his EFI folder, but didn't worked.

Tried many EFI that I found here, but no luck.


My specs:

Dell Latitude E5440

Intel core i5 4200U


Intel Hd Graphics 4400


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Big Sur will run perfectly on Haswell/HD4400 Latitude E5440. It can take anything up to 1hr to complete its installation. Yes, it's quite long and normally requires up to 4 reboots after installation begins. Process has been detailed in our numerous guides like this one for my Haswell/HD4400 Toshiba laptop.


There are several E5440/E6440 guides and/or threads on the forum that you can consult to reach your goal.

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