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m6800 noise from wired/wireless headphones


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Anyone having a issue with static noise with headphones on m6800? I am on latest big sur, 11.2.3. In case of wired headphones (jack) there is no sound at all, only noise is coming out. With wireless headphones (bluetooth) is better but sound is stuttering. 

What I tried till now:

- AppleALC is must have for working sound (internal speakers no problem at all)

- put Codeccommander into L/E did not fix the problem (repaired permission and rebuilt cache didn't help, still noise)

- I found fix on the internet - jack fix and hda-verb in bin folder together with Codeccommander in S/L/E but I can't confirm that one.

After I get access to root files I did all of this but I can't boot into the system anymore. I am stuck with Apple logo. I will probably need to reinstall big sur again. Below are instructions that I used to enable write acces. How can I fix boot problem? Please help


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Thanks Jake for instructions. You're right I have to enable write access but till now I was not successful. I am on latest big sur 11.2.3. Can you please send me some instructions how to do it. What I have found on the internet wasn't working for me. Thank you in advance 

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did you boot to Recovery Mode

Disable SIP first?

csrutil disable

and run this in terminal after reboot from recovery mode

csrutil status //to confirm if SIP is disabled

sudo mount -uw /

sudo killall Finder

sudo spctl --master-disable //only need to be ran once

cd ~/Downloads/alc_fix //assuming it's in download folder


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csrutil was disabled all the time via config (FF0F0000)


what helped for me was I went to usr-local and create bin folder. After that I put manually inside ALCPlugFix and hda-verb, restart a PC and wired headphones now work perfectly👌  


1. usr-local-bin -> ALCPluxFix and had-verb

2. EFI boot-OC-kexts -> codeccommander 



wireless headphones still have this stuttering sound which is related probably to bluetooth functionality (AC 7260). I found out If headphones are near PC sound is OK but immediately when distancing from PC sound is stuttering again 

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