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Latitude 5590: Problems with BigSur

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I just installed macOS BigSur with OpenCore 0.6.4 on my Latitude 5590 and am facing several issues.


I can't get the TouchPad to work and my CPU is recognized as i7 core


Dell Latitude 5590

- Cpu i5-8250U (recognized as i7)

- 16Go Ram (2 X 8Go)

- OpenCore 0.6.4

- BigSur 11.0.1 installed on NVMe (waiting all ok before upgrading)

- Graphics working 

- Sound ALC256 (working with VoodooHDA but no with AppleALC layout 11)

- Network Intel I219-LM (Working)

- Wifi DW1560 + bleutooth (Working)

- Keyboard (Working)

- Touchpad I2C not working



I appeal for help because I do not know how to solve the problem after several searches.

Thank you

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The touchpad works !! the buttons above the trackpad are not working correctly (the left clic working randomly, the right clic not work) and it's impossible to select text precisely with touchpad, I don't know if it is possible to activate them via system pref or via opencore.


Is it normal that the cpu is always considered as an i7 and not as an i5?


I will test the sleep and wakeup.

That's great !


EDIT : the sleep it's OK

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I just noticed that despite having copied your folder identically I am still in version 0.6.4. I tried to update to 0.6.8 but I stay in 0.6.4 (I changed opencore.efi) strange ... I missed a step ?!

Capture d’écran 2021-04-10 à 13.32.41.png

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You need a lot more than that to update OpenCore. You need to download the whole package and replace the various drivers you use, modify or suppress bootstrap, update resources, etc. Please refer to the OpenCore documentation on the matter. The packs posted here usually only contain the specifics for the target model, not the entire OpenCore arrangements.

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