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Latitude E5430: Brightness Key Mappings


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As stated in that other thread:

  1. you need to set ACOS to 0x80 for Darwin (same as WIN7) in OSID method or any value > 19 because EV5 method (which calls BRT6) is only called if OSID>=20 (it's clearly shown in the script of that other thread)
  2. you ought to try values 0x366 and 0x365 in your BRT6 patch rather than 0x406 and 0x406

See my E6220 / E6230 / E7250 / 7490 guides for details.

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10 hours ago, Jake Lo said:

OSID rename must go before XOSI and your missing the rename of BRT6

Need to add patch BRT6 to BRTX or whatever letter you want to change it to as long as it's not already used in the DSDT


I applied the patch and it still didn't work. 



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it'll only work if the device = IGPU

According to your DSDT, your device = VID

so you'll need to add a patch to rename that to IGPU

and change the device in the ssdt to IGPU as well.

Normally Whatevergreen will automatically rename GFX0 to IGPU, so the ssdt will just have device = GFX0 but not for you system.


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